Reflections on the Future of Design: Interview with Carolina Sepúlveda from 2Brains

Monday, 29 de April

Our Partner and Director of Experience, Carolina Sepúlveda, was interviewed on the prestigious site DesignMatters+, where she shared her vision on emerging trends in the world of design and the importance of inclusion and diversity in the industry.

In her interview with the design site DesignMatters+, our Director of Experience highlighted the revolution driven by the expansion of AI and its consequences on UX teams.

Design Evolution: Artificial Intelligence and Beyond

According to Carolina, we are on the cusp of a revolution in design, driven by the expansion of artificial intelligence, which has not only helped optimize workflows but also opened new avenues for human interaction, such as gestural design and conversational interfaces.

These innovations promise to transform the way we interact with technology, making design more intuitive and accessible.

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in Design

In her interview at DesignMatters, our Director of Experience emphasized the importance of digital accessibility, a principle that has been fundamental at 2Brains.

On this matter, she noted that stricter legislation and more diverse design teams are necessary to make digital products accessible to everyone.

Thus, reinforcing the idea that accessibility is not an accessory, but a fundamental right.

Vital Lessons Beyond the Academy

Carolina also shared reflections on essential aspects not typically taught in design schools but crucial in the industry, such as: the value of mistakes in designers’ learning, the importance of integrating design with development and a business vision, as well as the need to view products as living entities that are constantly evolving.

The Profound Impact of Design

Our Director of Experience emphasized design as a fundamentally political act, in the sense of the power it has to shape the future.

Her vision in the interview highlighted the social, moral, and ethical responsibility of designers as agents of change, focusing on promoting sustainable and inclusive development.

If you want to read the full interview, click here.

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