Why is Accessibility Important for Your Website?

Tuesday, 16 de April
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Ensuring that digital experiences (DX) are accessible to everyone has become more crucial than ever for organizations in recent times.

Currently, there are more than one billion people worldwide with some form of disability, and there is a one in four chance that an average person will experience a disability in their lifetime.

For this reason, not having websites and applications accessible to everyone can be detrimental to some businesses.

In this context, the concept of accessibility emerges as a way to group the qualities that make an experience open, ensuring that websites, applications, and other digital channels are accessible to all users, including those with disabilities.

The Business Value of Building a More Accessible Digital Experience

With a large part of the population affected by disabilities, it is essential that websites are designed to be inclusive and accessible to everyone.

Not only that, but from an economic standpoint, it is important to consider that people with disabilities control more than $1.2 trillion in annual disposable income.

This represents considerable purchasing power that organizations cannot afford to ignore.

How to Improve the Accessibility of Your Website?

There are several practical improvements that can be easily implemented to increase the accessibility of a website.

Here we show you some of the most effective strategies:

Alternative Text for Images:

  • Purpose: Alternative text helps users who use screen readers understand the content of images, so having an alt attribute is essential for people with visual impairments.
  • How to do it: Make sure to include clear and concise descriptions in the alt attribute of each image. Describe the function of the image in the context of the page, not just its appearance.

Subtitling for Videos:

  • Purpose: Subtitles are essential for people with hearing disabilities and also benefit those who watch videos in environments where they cannot hear the audio.
  • How to do it: Use subtitling tools to add accurate transcriptions of the dialogues and relevant sounds of your videos. Many video platforms like YouTube offer automatic subtitling tools that you can edit to improve accuracy.

Keyboard-Only Navigation:

  • Purpose: Allowing keyboard-only navigation is crucial for users who cannot use a mouse.
  • How to do it: It is advisable to periodically navigate your website using only the keyboard. This way you can ensure that all interactions, such as links, buttons, and forms, are accessible using the Tab key and other keyboard keys.

Testing with Real Users:

Purpose: Accessibility testing with people who have disabilities can offer you invaluable insight into how to improve your site.

How to do it: Organize test sessions with users who use assistive technologies to navigate the web. Observe how they interact with your site and request specific feedback on areas that need improvement.

How a DXP like Acquia Can Boost Your Website’s Accessibility

Acquia, a leader in digital experience solutions, offers advanced tools that help improve the accessibility of websites.

With the integration of technologies like Drupal, known for its commitment to web accessibility standards, Acquia provides a robust platform that not only facilitates compliance with WCAG guidelines but also enhances the user experience for all people, regardless of their abilities.

Acquia’s DXP includes features that automate and simplify many of the processes required to achieve and maintain web accessibility, from assessment and diagnostic tools to integrated solutions that automatically adjust site elements to meet accessibility standards.

Are you ready to transform your website into a model of accessibility and openness? If your organization is interested in seeking and implementing solutions that allow them to improve accessibility, 2Brains is here to help.

Complete our contact form to receive more information on how our solutions can be tailored to your needs and help you achieve your digital accessibility goals. Do not miss the opportunity to open your website to a wider and more diverse audience.

Fill out our 2Brains contact form and take the first step towards a more accessible and successful website with the support of Acquia and our expert team.

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