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Monday, 17 de June

At 2Brains, we have embarked on an exciting and transformative journey by integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into our user experience (UX) processes.

This path has not only meant a shift in our operational focus but has also reinforced our commitment to innovation and ethical use of new technologies.

In this regard, Carolina Sepulveda Robles, our Director of Experience, has been a key figure in this journey, driving and guiding the team through each stage of this evolution.

New Focus: AI as a Hub of Innovation

In May 2023, we decided it was time to make a significant change in our strategic focus as an experience area.

Our goal was clear: to direct the Innovation OKR of the area with a 100% focus on Artificial Intelligence.

“This decision not only redefined our goals but also accelerated our learning and the integration of AI into all our UX processes,” says our Director of Experience.

This change in focus allowed us to set specific goals and tasks that led to accelerated learning and a deeper interaction with AI.

Therefore, throughout 2023, we implemented weekly UX leader meetings to ensure the follow-up and progress of the various initiatives related to the key objectives and results on Artificial Intelligence.

“These meetings were essential to keep us focused and ensure that every team member was aligned with our innovation goals, facilitating the cross-learning in the different aspects of the topic,” added Carolina.

Continuous Training and Participation in Events

As a leadership team, attending talks, conferences, and webinars on AI was fundamental to broaden our knowledge and understand the different categories and depths of this technology.

In this regard, our director Carolina Sepúlveda points out that one of the key moments of the last year was the invitation to Tania Sosa, ambassador of +Mujeres en UX México, to share her knowledge with the entire experience team.

“The session with Tania was a trigger that propelled us, it ignited a new curiosity in the team. It helped us visualize new applications of AI in our daily work and motivated the whole team,” says our director, adding that “after this talk, we launched an Artificial Intelligence challenge to encourage the team to use new tools in the UX work process, which was a great success.”

This event was not only a fun competition but also accelerated collective learning, boosted the team’s creativity, and demonstrated our commitment to continuous innovation.

Furthermore, our Director of Experience noted that participating in events such as ILA23 in La Plata and Design Matters México in January 2024 was fundamental to sharing our vision and obtaining valuable feedback from the community and our clients on the developed artifacts.

Development of AI Artifacts and Ethical Guidelines

As our team began to familiarize themselves with new Artificial Intelligence tools, parallel work was also generated to integrate AI definitions into our UX artifacts.

Moreover, we emphasized the importance of ethical guidelines in the use of AI, ensuring that everyone on the team understood crucial aspects such as information accuracy, confidentiality, and explainability.

“Developing these artifacts with an ethical approach was fundamental. We want every team member to feel responsible for the impact AI has on our products,” said Pamela Armstrong, UX Manager.

For this reason, in 2023, we developed seven different artifacts in collaboration with our team, ensuring that each one was aligned with our ethical principles and quality standards.

Subsequently, in October 2023, our leaders gave a talk about these learnings, highlighting the ethical responsibility we have as creators of AI products.

Thanks to this, in November 2023, we created the first draft of our AI usage manifesto, in collaboration with all areas of 2Brains, which will be published soon in its final version.

“The AI manifesto is a statement of our values and principles, and we hope it inspires other companies to adopt ethical practices in their use of technology,” affirmed Pamela Armstrong.

Hackathon and Collective Creativity

In December 2023, we held the AI hackathon, which not only strengthened our internal relationships alongside our use of AI but also demonstrated the creative capacity and diverse solutions that can emerge when we work together.

“The hackathon was a testament to the talent and creativity of our team. The solutions presented were innovative and showed the potential of AI to solve real problems,” said our UX Manager.

In this regard, the winning team presented an innovative idea to identify scams and fake news using an AI app, highlighting the positive impact this technology can have on society.

Without a doubt, our journey with AI as an organization has been a continuous learning, innovation, and collaboration process.

From redefining our goals and attending inspiring talks to developing ethical artifacts and organizing hackathons, each step has strengthened our ability to integrate AI into our UX processes effectively and responsibly.

If you want to learn more about how we integrate artificial intelligence into our UX processes, fill out our contact form and discover how 2Brains can help you enhance your business through user experience.

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